Autonomous Port of Cotonou

The autonomous port of Cotonou (PAC) is the centrepiece of economic activities of the Republic of Benin. It serves as a major shipping cord for Western Africa. Its strategic location gives it a wealth of trading benefits allowing Nigerians and Togolese to breeze into the country daily to run their businesses. Ultimately it is located along the Gulf of Guinea and marks the starting reference point for railway Benin-Niger.

Autonomous port de Cotonou has deployed electronic gadgets e.g Portware and Security Vessel Traffic System to supervise port facilities. The Vessel traffic system assists skilled custom agents in easing maritime traffic and cargo clearance.The Cotonou Port has recently established a computer system called the Program PORTWARE and Security Vessel Traffic System (Supervision of port facilities and their surroundings with microwave radar).

An assortment of goods including vehicles, construction materials, wheat, etc pass through the port of Cotonou. Courtesy of the ECOWAS treaty which removes, between Member States, obstacles to the free movement of persons, goods, service and capital, and to the right of residence and establishment which makes clearing and forwarding in Cotonou a hitch-free procedure. Once a custom clearance is sorted out in Cotonou, transportation of cargo is straight-forward process.